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The world of detectable products: Sense and application possibilities

What are detectable products?

Detectable products are items made from materials that can be detected by common detection systems. Typically, they are used in the food and beverage industry to ensure that contaminants such as metal or plastic particles do not enter the final products. The materials used usually contain special additives that can be detected by metal detectors or X-ray inspection systems.


 Possible applications of detectable products

1. food industry: in food production, the use of detectable products is crucial to ensure the safety of the final products. Metal or plastic particles can accidentally get into food during the production process. Detectable products such as knives, scrapers, protective gloves or screwdrivers made of detectable material help to detect and remove contaminants before they reach the final product.

2. pharmaceutical industry: detectable products are also of great importance in pharmaceutical production. Drugs and medical devices must not contain impurities that could endanger the health of consumers. Detectable products such as pipettes, cannulas or containers ensure that possible foreign bodies are detected and sorted out.

3. gastronomy and catering: In the gastronomy industry, detectable products play an important role, especially in canteens, restaurants and catering companies. Items such as cooking spoons, knives, cutting boards or serving utensils made of detectable material help to detect foreign objects before they get into the dishes served and could potentially endanger customers.


 Additional uses of detectable products:

5. production and manufacturing industry: detectable products are also used in the general production and manufacturing industry. In areas such as the automotive industry or electronics manufacturing, it is important that no foreign objects or contaminants get into the products. Detectable products such as screwdrivers, safety glasses, gloves or tools ensure that possible metal or plastic particles are detected and rejected during production.

 6. animal husbandry and agriculture: detectable products are also used in animal husbandry and agriculture. For example, feed scoops, buckets, or farming tools can be made of detectable material to ensure that foreign objects do not get into animal feed and endanger animal health.



Detectable products are a crucial measure for ensuring product quality and safety in various industries. They provide effective protection against contaminants and foreign bodies that could harm the end customer. The use of detectable products in the food, pharmaceutical, packaging and hospitality industries significantly reduces the risk of injury or damage to health. 

The continuous development and application of detectable products is therefore of great importance to produce safer and more reliable products and to improve overall consumer safety.


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